Poseidon Black Line Mask

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Poseidon Black Line Mask

High performance and high style are combined in the new Poseidon Line Mask, featuring LVSL© technology


  1. Ultra clear lens.
  2. Frameless mask with skirt in high quality silicone and silicone strap.

Technical Features:

  1. Enhanced field of vision from angled lens. Easy to clear low volume profile.
  2. Flood resistant extra deep, ultra soft skirt. Works great with beards.
  3. Poseidon’s Black Line Mask was inspired by rebreather divers who need the maximum field of vision combined with a minimal gas requirement toclear the mask. To answer their needs, we developed LVSL © Low-Volume Single-Lens technology to give a unique combination of features that benefit all divers.

  • SIZE: 120 mm skirt width, 155 mm lens width
  • MATERIALS: Polymer, Tempered Glass, Silicone
  • WEIGHT: 220 g

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